Founded in 2003, RestorePoint originated as the U.S. training arm for a global Backup Software company. Recognizing our skills and expertise, clients began turning to RestorePoint as their Managed Service Provider (MSP) for all things Data Protection. This remains our core business today.

As RestorePoint’s private cloud infrastructure grew, we began providing clients the ability to leverage our data center resources. As a differentiator, we afford our clients the ability to use these resources outside of a Disaster Recovery (DR) event, most commonly for testing and development and business analytics.

The continual onset of viruses and ransomware led RestorePoint to integrate security into its Adaptive Data Protection Platform. In fact, in 2016 alone, RestorePoint had more than 60% of data restore requests stem from some type of security event. Data security experts agree that when all else fails, having a backup copy of your data offsite will always be the last line of defense in the aftermath of a security event.



   RestorePoint’s Software-Defined storage approach decouples application data from physical infrastructure, similar to how servers and now networks are being virtualized.

   Data is protected regardless of where and how the data is stored. Many of our Clients have a Hybrid IT environment with data stored locally, in a Private Cloud and/or in the Public Cloud.

   As the network perimeter continues to shift, RestorePoint’s Hybrid Cloud Platform provides comprehensive Data Protection enabling agility, flexibility, and scalability.


   Clients have a variety of data types and data formats with different recovery requirements, so attempting to use one tool to protect data can be both limiting and costly.

   Many Clients have multiple constituents in their organization who must access data for a variety of business reasons. This results in increased cost to produce, store, and maintain multiple copies of data.

   RestorePoint integrates best-in-class software to backup and recover data in the format, version, and timeframe needed, regardless of where the data resides.


 The onset of ransomware coupled with exponential growth in security alerts and incidents are contributing to a reactive security posture for enterprise companies worldwide.

 RestorePoint’s Adaptive Data Protection Platform utilizes a prevention first methodology with integrated and automated security to protect against previously unknown (Zero-day) threats.