Professional Services

“What makes RestorePoint stand out from the rest is the professional service and support they provide. Regardless of the time or place in the world, their staff is always there to help if we need them.”
— Ilan Zachar, Chief Information Officer, Atrium European Real Estate


With the exponential growth of data, the ability to accurately forecast storage capacity, reduce costs, and deal with data migration / storage sprawl have become more critical than ever before. Your storage administrators face pressures too in terms of excessive backup times, higher service level requirements, longer retention periods for more data, and increased capacity needs.  Left unchecked, data can be put at risk leading to lost revenues, compliance fines and potential security exposures.


RestorePoint’s Enterprise Storage Assessment systematically identifies possible optimization opportunities in a storage environment and defines clear recommendations. RestorePoint experts examine the storage infrastructure and use automated processes to collect the various file types, access and modification times, as well as the number of identical files that have been repetitively saved. The Storage Assessment identifies an efficient, cost-effective solution, regardless of storage topology, operating environment, or storage vendor. Implementing recommendations from the Storage Assessment will ultimately improve operational efficiency and minimize cost and complexity.




While 80% of IT organizations have a disaster recovery plan, only 40% test it regularly, according to InformationWeek’s 2013 State of Storage survey. Until the disaster happens, disaster plans are largely theoretical … “what will happen if…?”. It’s not wise to wait until a disaster is at hand to learn whether your plan is going to work or not. For that reason, it is important to hold regular, realistic tests for your disaster recovery plan.


Leveraging RestorePoint’s DR resources enables you to test and prove your disaster recovery plan effectiveness as often as you need, without disrupting production systems. RestorePoint delivers the confidence that service levels will be met, data will be protected and available, and IT will keep the business operating in the face of a disaster or disruption.