Data Virtualization

“The RestorePoint-Actifio partnership has been valuable to us both, and more importantly, to our joint clients. The RestorePoint team knows how to package game-changing technology with white-glove service delivery that IT executives can rely on and business executives can leverage to their advantage.”
Ash Ashutosh, CEO and Founder, Actifio


For years, application data has been bound to physical infrastructure. Now, there is a new, unified and distributed data storage model which is taking hold – Data Virtualization. This model decouples data from infrastructure, enabling dramatic improvements to business resiliency, agility and access to the cloud.


With RestorePoint’s Data Virtualization solution, client’s only need a single physical ‘Golden’ copy of data – one that can produce unlimited virtual copies to be leveraged for multiple business use cases. Examples include: Data Protection (backups), Business Insights & Analytics, Business Continuity including Disaster Recovery, and Application Development/Testing.




Improved Business Resiliency – Through instant data access for data protection and disaster recovery. RestorePoint’s solution has no backup window, and for many use cases, Recovery Time Objectives are measured in minutes and not hours.


Enhanced Agility – Business changes fast. Decoupling application data from physical infrastructure enables you to slash application development time, making data readily and securely available for developers and DBA’s.


Transition to the Cloud – RestorePoint is your on-ramp to public, private, and virtual private cloud-based systems, ensuring your data follows your applications wherever they live.


Dramatic Savings – Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by eliminating multiple software point tools and associated maintenance, reducing storage costs by up to 10x and freeing up to 70% of your network bandwidth.


Radically Simple – Significant reduction in operating expense and overhead by delivering multiple use cases from an integrated platform, with simple, straightforward management.