“Like many data-intensive companies in a high growth phase, we had concerns about data security and retrieval using tape-based backup. Finding the right solution and company to partner with was key to resolving those issues. RestorePoint has become an extension of our team, freeing my staff up to focus on core business issues.”
Jesse Carrillo, Senior Vice President and CIO, Hines


As the volume and complexity of enterprise Data Protection continues to grow, so too can the complexity of managing it. Corporate data is no longer confined to a limited set of local repositories. It’s now stored and accessed on multiple devices and endpoints — spanning LANs, WANs, multiple locations, and clouds. It’s little surprise that for IT organizations with limited resources, this seems like a no-win scenario.


RestorePoint’s Data Protection Solution aligns the value of your data with the cost of protecting that data. We profile our client’s data into three Tiers: 1) Structured Data, including critical VMs and Databases; 2) Unstructured File-Level Data and non-critical VMs and Databases; and Aged Data which is archived for long tern retention. Massively scalable, it enables our clients to reduce costs, simplify storage management, and comply with corporate or regulatory mandates.




Seamless Backups – can be scheduled to run on premise or in the cloud, regardless of application type or storage hardware/platform.


Reduce Cost and Improve Performance – Incremental forever technology minimizes the amount of backup data transferred on a nightly basis. Move less-frequently accessed data from expensive production storage to lower-cost object storage for long term retention (Archival), enabling optimization of existing Tier 1/Tier 2 production storage and reducing your backup window by eliminating aged data from your backup routines. There are no additional “tolls” or fees for accessing and retrieving data.


Self-healing Architecture – continuously validates and updates backup data, ensuring error-free recoverability every time, from any device.


Security Compliance – Protect your data assets with robust security options including file system auditing, encryption for data at rest and in motion, write once/read many (WORM) data protection, and role-based access control. RestorePoint’s platform is FIPS 140-2 certified, data is encrypted at rest and in motion, and our cloud environment leverages SSAE-16 data centers.