Georgia Tech Athletics Raises the Bar for Data Protection Solution

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Georgia Tech’s Athletics Department sponsors one of the oldest NCAA Division One intercollegiate athletics programs in the country and has a surprising amount of data protection needs: from the scoreboard, to the stats reported after games, to the critical data required to run the Department itself. Yet they were still using a tape-based system that was unpredictable, unstable, and ultimately, insufficient after a server went out and caused data loss when the tape backup failed to restore key data.



Georgia Tech’s Athletics Department supports more than 600 users on the system, including multiple file and email servers—and ticketing and accounting systems—that need to be linked to the main campus IT infrastructure. However, the manual process of backing up this data while meeting growing storage requirements in-house became a major drain on IT staff, who had to find sufficient physical space to store the tapes in addition to changing the tapes by hand.



Georgia Tech turned to RestorePoint to implement a cloud backup service to perform agentless backup that would be stored securely in the cloud. They highlighted the following capabilities as key factors for selecting the solution:


  • Simple, centralized backup that eliminated the need for multiple point solutions

  • Highly scalable design that expanded with the department’s needs

  • Device-agnostic support for a wide range of computing systems

  • NIST FIPS 140-2 certified security with AES-256 encryption in-flight and at-rest

Georgia Tech was also able to better satisfy their compliance requirements. Each year, the State of Georgia conducts an audit of the department, and because of the services provided by the RestorePoint solution, the department has received a 100 percent compliance rating every year since implementing the solution.



Georgia Tech Athletics Department has realized significant benefits by making the transition from tape to the cloud for their data protection solution. In addition to its perfect annual compliance scores, the department has gained significant time savings since manual tape handling is no longer required. The company also now enjoys more efficient integrated recoveries and enhanced data security with offsite backups.


”Thanks to RestorePoint, we were able to get rid of all onsite tapes and now have the security provided by offsite data storage. We need less manpower to monitor backups, so the IT department is able to spend more time on other issues and not have to worry about the backups.”

— Anthony Bridges, Director of Information Technology, Georgia Tech Athletics Department